Joseph D. Romano, PhD

Biomedical data scientist and translational bioinformatician

Email: joseph.romano [at]

I'm currently a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania, where I work in the Computational Genetics Lab (led by Jason Moore, PhD). Recently, I earned my PhD from Columbia University, where I was a member of the Tatonetti Lab. I specialize in translational bioinformatics, computational toxinology, and environmental toxicology.

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About me

My hobbies include skiing, retro computing, speedrunning, jazz (I play piano and trumpet), and visiting breweries / trying craft beer. I like to try my hand at brewing my own beer on occasion (mostly pale ales so far, but I'd like to work my skill up to German lagers).

I've recently begun the task of restoring an old Atari 800XL to "like new" condition, which is providing a great opportunity to learn about electronic component testing and repair.